Waxing / Hair Removal

Waxperts Products

Founded in Ireland, Waxperts is now being used in over 1000 salons throughout UK, Ireland & the EU After trying all the latest brands of Hot wax, Waxpert finally formulated their own hot wax. The formula is the best of the best, strong enough to remove the hairs but without leaving the skin blemished.

Going on super thin leaving less pull on the hairs. Waxpert Wax is the most flexible hot wax on the market! It uses the latest technology in waxing! We have utilised a unique blend of polymers + resins so it has a layer melting point perfect for the sensitive skins. This means it is gentler on your skin & there is no risk of burns & heat sensitivity.

Using both strip wax and hot wax we do everything from Eyebrows to Hollywood’s.

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